My Own Experience of Using Samsung LN46A650

From the very first moment you mount Samsung LN46A650 on a wall or place upon a cabinet and turn it on, it is a joy to have and use. When the TV is turned on you'll see a wizard which will ask you whether you're at home or in a store and suggest choosing a language. Then it scans for available channels, finds them, and, here you are, you can watch it.

A big and easy-to-find Menu button stands out on a long remote control. After you press it, you can see a good-looking list of menu options which won't annoy you and obscure the picture. There is another, shorter menu for additional settings and you can activate it with a Tools button. The Source button on the remote is used to list and check all the HDTV's inputs (with active ones highlighted and at the top).

Samsung LN46A650 is extremely usable, yet it has some issues. For example, you cannot change the Sound mode until you turn off an Entertainment setting on the setup menu. Another disadvantage is lacking a PIP button on the remote control which would allow watching two inputs at a time, though it is an in-built feature. There are no other extreme flaws in the TV's remote. Closed captioning, setting aspect ratio and picture modes and other settings are easily adjusted right on the remote. Besides it has an iPod-like jog wheel makes it stand out.

Samsung LN46A650 has a lot of features. An in-built USB port allows playing music and viewing photos right on the screen from any USB device. An Ethernet port at the rear allows to connect to Samsung's InfoLink RSS service to get latest sports, financial and other news from USA Today on your TV.

Samsung LN46A650 is definitely worth its money. Its awesome design and outstanding usability make it the right thing for those customers who pay attention to both form and function.

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